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About us

We give you ‘something beautiful’. We give you Isabis.

The members of a native Amazonian tribe say “Isabis” when they see “something beautiful”.

We are here to give you something beautiful to decorate your very own home with the art of India.

With changing times changes the patterns of lifestyle, which calls for change of the interiors to suit your mood and create a stress-free environment. A slight change in the small things in your surroundings can uplift your mood, enlighten your spirit and have many other positive effects. And this can be achieved very easily by changing small things, for example, the set of cushion covers on your sofa, or change the table mats on your dining room.  And you know your place the best. This really works!

We present you a classic range of cushion covers for your sofas, sofa beds, settee, chaise longue, love seats, recliners, futon, davenports, etc., that would reflect the beauty of your inner soul.

We also have in store for you a select range of table mats and coasters matching your dining tables, coffee tables, desks, and counters. Table runners from our store are befitting for your dining tables, buffet, bar, dresser, and more. We also have combo sets of table runners, mats and coasters matching your taste.

And most important is your bedroom, for which we have a wide variety of exotic bedcovers and duvet covers, made out of the finest fabrics, ranging from satin, viscose, velvet, linen, pure cotton, and many more. We also have a special section of hand embroidered bedsheets, designed in the famous Kantha Stitch style of Bengal. This is our humble effort to help reviving this dying art.

In extension to our effort of upbringing various art forms and artists from different parts of India, we have included three more sections on Dokhra, Paintings and Portraits to complement the shelves and walls of your beautiful home.

Dokhra is an ancient form of making ornaments and dolls by metal casting and had been practised in India since 4000 years. Irrespective of size, each work of Dokhra is a specimen of fine craftsmanship and attracts everybody.

We have engaged various young artists to create a collection of Paintings and Portraits for your walls. The paintings mainly cover landscapes, still life and festivals of India. As for portraits, you can upload your image and choose the medium, and size. 

Wishing you all a ‘beautiful home’ …